Police Formations

The Provincial Police Officer (PPO/IGP), as the head of the Punjab Police, is also ex-officio Secretary to the Provincial Government and exercises administrative and financial powers as envisaged under Police Order 2002. All officers under his command assist him in the performance of his duties as admissible under the law. At the level of Central Police Office (CPO), he is assisted by several staff officers and heads of attached police units who deal with various functions and assigned responsibilities. Such entrustments are aimed at efficient and effective internal administration and better public service delivery.

It is further expedient to firm up and streamline the distribution of work amongst various offices to achieve the following objectives:
  • Assurance for effective public service delivery
  • Strategic management and advanced scenario planning
  • Institutional and collaborative decision making
  • Empowerment and accountability
  • Expeditious and timely disposal of business
  • Bottom-up management for initiatives
  • Development of standards and professionalism
All the constituent branches/units dealing with various functions, having certain common functions, are hereby placed under the supervision of Additional IGPs/DIGs. They are responsible for the supervision of work under their purview.
The main police formations are as follows: