Investigation Branch

The Investigation Branch, Punjab is a specialized investigation agency that carries out investigations of complex and contested cases. It is also the primary agency for collection of crime statistics and briefs from the whole province. It analysis the data collected and disseminates its reports on incidence, detection, and prosecution of criminal cases. It is also makes spatial and temporal studies of crime patterns and co-ordinates inter-district and inter-province crime prevention and investigation efforts. It also houses the Finger Print Bureau, the largest repository of finger print records in the country.

The Branch has its roots in the erstwhile Criminal Investigation Department (CID). According to the CID Manual of 1935, one of the two major sections of the CID was responsible for investigation of complicated cases and co-ordination of crime investigation and prevention among all districts of the province. The CID ceased to exist in 1953 when it was split into its two component agencies, the Crime Branch (for criminal investigations) and the Special Branch (for political intelligence). In 2001 the Crime Branch comprised of a Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG) and four Superintendents of Police.
After the Police Order was promulgated in 2002, the Crime Branch was expanded into the Investigation Branch, Punjab. The Branch has two wings – Crime and Investigation – each headed by a DIG. The Crime Wing comprises the Provincial Criminal Record Office, the Finger Print Bureau, the Monitoring Section, the Press Section, the Anti-Terrorism (Monitoring) Cell, and the Statistical Office. SP, Crime Analysis and SP, Monitoring supervise the working of these sections. The Investigation Wing comprises six Superintendents of Police and their investigation ‘panels’ of Assistant/Deputy Superintendents of Police. The Investigation Wing carries out investigations that are entrusted to the Investigation Branch after a second change of investigation is ordered by the IGP, Punjab. Such changes are ordered on the recommendation of a standing board comprising the DIG Investigation and two of the Superintendents of Police posted to the Investigation Branch.
The Additional Inspector-General of Police (Investigation) is the head of Investigation Branch, Punjab. He supervises the administration and functioning of the Investigation Branch. He is also the authority to order first change of investigation of cases from all districts of the Punjab, except the capital city district.