Accountability Mechanism

There is a strong and disciplined accountability mechanism in the Police Department. Whenever, violation of any Rules/Regulations by any police officer is noted by Regional Police Officer/City Police Officer/District Police Officer, departmental action is initiated against the concerned officer immediately. 
Departmental action against police officers from the rank of Constable to Inspector (Junior Police Officers) is taken under "Punjab Police Efficiency and Discipline Rules, 1975” by respective Regions / Districts. However, action against Provincial Police Officers from the rank of DSP to onward and ministerial staff is taken under “the Punjab Civil Servants (E&D) Rules, 1999”.
After due departmental enquiry the accused officer is heard by the competent authority and awarded departmental punishment according to his guilt. If the accused officer is found innocent in the departmental enquiry / departmental proceedings initiated against him, the proceedings are filed accordingly.
Source: Discipline Branch, CPO, Punjab