Police Welfare

The Punjab Police Welfare Fund is providing relief and support to all members of the department, in the shape of Dowry Charges for the marriage of daughters, Maintenance Allowance for relief to widows/children, Education Scholarship for encouraging/supporting children education on merit basis, Scholarship for Special Children, Financial Assistance to support medical treatment, Funeral Charges on passing away of any member, and an additional salary upon retirement. 

Last year’s total disbursement under the various heads of welfare comes to Rs.804,062,903/-.  

Features of Punjab Police Welfare Fund Regulations 2022

  1. Dowry charges for all daughters allowed in Welfare Regulations 2022.
  2. All Public/Private Sector colleges/Universities are allowed for Education Scholarship with better rates and subjects as compare to Punjab Government Benevolent rules and previous Welfare Rules. Worthy IGP, Punjab shown deep concerns to accommodate maximum Children of serving/retired & deceased Police personnel in Scholarship Policy including Special Education, Technical education, Advance education subjects & Special Children Scholarship.
  3. As per Welfare Regulations 2022 spouses & children of Police Officers/Officials are also allowed for Medical Financial Assistance.
  4. Rates for Maintenance Allowance have been enhanced in new Welfare Regulation.
  5. Rates for Special grant for death in service also improved to enhance the monitory benefit to the families of the deceased Police Officers/Officials.
  6. Farewell Pay equal to last running basic pay of one month shall be given on retirement to members of all ranks.
  7. Mode of payment changed in the name of applicant to reduce unnecessary delays and inconvenience. 

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