Discipline and Inspection Branch

In an effort to make Police more responsive and accountable to the public, and to enhance public confidence in its working, ‘Discipline & Inspection (D&I) Branch, Punjab’, has been established within the Punjab Police in August 2016 through IGP’s Standing Order 8 of 2016.

This branch aims at enhancing accountability and transparency of police operations and implementing professional standards to develop a culture of more professional, transparent, accountable, rule-based and law-compliant police culture. It envisages a comprehensive system of departmental oversight and foolproof mechanism of internal checks and balances through periodic inspections (formal, informal and surprise visits) at different levels by D&I Officers, in addition to inspections carried out by usual supervisory tires. In any given year, the D&I Officers will be carrying out about eight hundred (800) formal inspections of various units/offices of Punjab Police, in accordance with the carefully designed inspections forms.

Enquiries form an integral part of this system of oversight and accountability. D&I Branch has its regional offices in each of the ten (10) regions of Punjab, headed by an SSP D&I, reporting directly to the Office of the Inspector General.

Page Last Updated: 03-02-2017