Research & Development

The Research & Development Cell was setup as per President’s Directive No. 315 of 1982. The relevant portion of the Directive is that:

I would like to emphasize that each Province must have small Research & Development Cell located in the Headquarters of the Inspector General of Police. There may be only two or three individuals in this Cell, but they must be highly qualified. The material is available, it is a question of making use of it”.

According to the Standing Order No. 01 of 2015 regarding “Distribution of Work at the Central Police Office (all Staff Officers & Head of attached Units” the Job Description of the Research & Development is as under:

  1. Preparation of statutory Annual Police Administration Report by First of February every year. 
  2. Strategic Evaluation of the Punjab Police as a law enforcing agency keeping in view emergent requirements.
  3. Periodic review of Implementation status of Police Order 2002.
  4. Recommendations for Revision and updations of Police Rules. 
  5. Development of methodology for improving and ensuring Police Public Co-operation as envisaged in Police Reforms. 
  6. Recommendations for revision of Criminal Laws, i.e. Criminal Code, Pakistan Penal Code, Evidence Act (Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order 1984) Local and Special Laws and other laws related to Police Functions in co-ordination with DIG Legal. 
  7. Focal Person for police reforms. 
  8. Recommendations for Police Reforms Proposals for submission to competent forums. 
  9. Comparative study of Police Systems in the world. 
  10. Coordination with Universities and Research Institutes for developing research linkages on Police Issues. 
  11. Perusal international research work on Police subjects. 
  12. Supervision of co-ordination for Police Think Tank. 
  13. Monitoring of policing innovations in the districts for wider implementation. 
  14. Recommendations for new policing techniques and processes based on the best international practices. 
  15. Interaction with other Police Forces in order to exchange information and other developments in Policing. 
  16. Co-ordination with public safety commissions, CPLCs and other institutions created under Police Order 2002. 
  17. Coordination/liaison with National Police Bureau/National Police Management Board.
  18. Management and maintenance of Central Registry/Database of all Standing Orders, Rules & Regulations, all versions of Police Order, Police Acts, documents/reports on police reforms and other policy documents in paper and E-form. 
  19. Any other special research work tasked by the IGP

Research Work of R&D Branch

  • Standing Order No. 1/2015 SOP for Punjab Information of Temporary Residents Ordinance 2015
  • Standing Order No. 02/2015 SOP for Punjab Security of vulnerable Establishment ordinance 2015
  • Brief on Second Year Performance of Punjab Government (PILDAT) related to Police Department
  • Brief on CPLCs in Punjab
  • Collection and placing on Website of Punjab Police regarding Annual Policing Plans of 36 Districts
  • Establishment of Women Help Desk in each Police Stations of Punjab.
  • Annual Administration Report 2015-16
  • Annual Policing Plan 2015-16
  • Standardization of Police Character Certificate 

Source: Research & Development Branch
Page Last Updated: 31-03-2017