Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)

'To fight terrorism in all its manifestations'

In 1995, the Criminal Investigation Department was formally created and it operates under the CID Manual, 1937. Starting as a small operational unit, it has now developed into a department having its regional offices all over the Punjab. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was named as Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on 21-07-2010.

To meet the growing challenges of terrorism, CTD has been restructured. Since early 2015, new roles have been assigned to it in addition to its primary intelligence function. CTD now registers and investigates all terrorism related cases at the newly established CTD Police Stations.

Creation of Counter Terrorism Force (CTF) within CTD is another landmark initiative. Highly educated corporals (1200 in number) have been inducted and given most modern training with the collaboration of the armed forces and friendly countries. These corporals have been deployed all over the Province to perform their mandated tasks. State of the art gadgetry and equipment have been provided to CTD and its infrastructure is being improved.


  • Collection, collation and dissemination of information regarding terrorism, violent extremism, Proscribed Organizations, Proscribed Persons and UN Designated Entities.
  • Detection and investigation of offences of terrorism and terrorism financing under Anti Terrorism Act 1997.
  • Investigtion and Prosecution of offences assigned by the Government under other laws.
  • Monitoring of Persons on Watch Lists including Persons on 4th Schedule of ATA 1997.
  • Monitoring of Sectarian Activists.
  • Aanalysis of trends in terrorism and policy making and implementation to check such trends.
  • Any other CT (Counter Terrorism) function assigned by the Competent Authority.


Source: SSP/Operations, CTD, Punjab
Page Last Updated:09-10-2019