Telecommunication & Transport

Telecommunication & Transports are two different wings under the supervision of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Telecommunication & Transports, Punjab.


Brief History

Wireless system in Police Department was started in February 1945 by installing only three HF MK-111-19 Canadian wireless sets at the following places:- 

  • Police Wireless Control at Training School Qila Phalour District Jalandhar.
  • Central Police Office, Lahore.
  • DIG Office Ambala Cantt.

Mr. F.H. Dehume was the first officer placed as DIG Technical/Transport. A Police Wireless Control was also established in R.R.Camp Qurban Lines, Lahore before the partition of Sub-Continent.


  • The Punjab Police Telecommunication duties include:
  • Provision of all communication facilities for Punjab Police and Administration.
  • Transmission of all crime, Law and Order information.
  • Support for flood warning and other emergencies.
  • Transmission of data to the Federal Government & Others agencies
  • Operation and Maintenance of all H.F, V.H.F and U.H.F Wireless sets.
  • Indenting for procurement of all equipment.

Communication Methodology

The duty of Police Telecommunication Department is to ensure smooth flow of communication throughout the Province. Moreover, a School for training of Police wireless has established in Bahawalpur namely Police Wireless Training School, Bahawalpur.  

Police Wireless Training School Bahawalpur

The Police Wireless Training School, Bahawalpur is established with effect from 01.07.1986 as an independent Unit of Police department under the administrative control of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Telecommunications and Transport, Punjab, Lahore in the premises of District Police Lines, Bahawalpur. An officer of the Rank of DSP is its Principal who used certain powers enunciated in the Government Rules as well as in the standing orders to maintain administration of the Police Wireless Training School, Bahawalpur.

Functions of PWTS Bahawalpur

The Wireless Training School is imparting Basic Wireless Telegraphy training to the newly recruited wireless operators and normally the duration of Recruits Training Course is 6-months. 120 Trainees are accommodated for training in each course. During this period, they are taught Law, Wireless Telegraphy, Radio Telegraphy and others subjects as mentioned in the recruits Course. The Drill staff is responsible for Weapon training, P.T and other affairs in the Lines Area. 



  • MT wing Punjab established in 1962.
  • 94-Vehicles in 1947 (Military Jeeps, Troop Carriers and Trucks etc).
  • 384-Vehicles inherited by Punjab Police after one unit dissolution.
  • Presently 20064 vehicles/motorcycles (Vehicles-7964 & M/Cyles-12100).
  • 01-Central Workshop, 01-Capital City Lahore along with 09-Regional Sub workshops and 03-Mini Workshops in units are working.


  • Preparation of indents for the purchase of all types of transport.
  • Distribution of transport.
  • Management/Maintenance of CPO Fleet.
  • Inspection of fleets of Districts/Units.
  • Maintenance of History Sheets.
  • Auction of condemned vehicles.
  • Recruitment of Driver & Mechanic Constables.  

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