Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP)

'Polite, Helpful, Passionate'

The Government of Punjab announced the establishment of patrolling posts on the highways throughout the province on 8th January 2003, in order to provide security to the people traveling on the highways. Initially 450 patrolling posts were sanctioned in two phases. Later on 72 patrolling posts were also recommended.

By July 31, 2013, 335 PHP posts had been operationalized while 9 PHP posts are under construction. 9145 constables, 1000 wireless operators and 1000 D/constables have been recruited. Headed by an officer of the rank of the Additional Inspector General of Police, Punjab Highway Patrol focuses to:

  • Control crime on highways with a system of foot and mobile patrolling within an area extending to 220 feet on either side of the designated highways.
  • Apprehend criminals and hand them over to the local police.
  • Preserve the crime scene and inform the local police after commission of an offence.
  • In case of accident, provide first aid to the injured and transport the seriously injured to hospital.
  • Serve as reporting centres and provide emergency help in the form of guidance and road side assistance.
  • Keep the highway clear of encroachment in coordination with the competent authority.
  • Ensure round the clock presence of uniformed, well trained, well educated, alert and vigilant force.
  • Manage traffic on 12 highways across the province.

Distinctive Uniform

In order to distinguish Punjab Highway Patrol from general police, a special uniform has been designed.


In addition to regular police training, the personnel of Punjab Highway Patrol have been given training in the following areas:

  • Character Building
  • Principles of Patrolling
  • Preservation of the crime scene
  • Stop, search and arrest
  • First aid
  • Public dealing/community policing
  • Safety and cleanliness
  • Traffic management
  • PHP officials are being imparted with special training through different refresher courses to enhance their capabilities¬†


In case of emergencies for help/assistance, Punjab Highway Patrol has established a helpline 1124 for road commuters.

Source: DIG/PHP