DPR Branch


DPR Branch is headed by DPR Mr. Osama Mehmood, who looks after all the media management on behalf of the worthy IGP. He has the authority to issue news, tickers or any other statement regarding any matter of Punjab Police or IGP. News about important meetings happened in CPO are issued on regular basis for Urdu and English media without any delay. We also provide pictures and visuals to media regarding the meetings.


The Director Public Relations interacts with producers and news haeds of all channels and plan programs, documentaries and other possible stuff regarding image building of Punjab Police. He also helps the police officials working as PROs in all districts of Punjab to interact with the local media.

Our content writers’ team produces articles, columns and blogs on various issues highlighting the positive work of Punjab Police. This material is updated regularly on official websites of leading channels and print institutions as well. All leading newspapers, TV channels and social media platform are included in our agenda and we are targeting it for a long term policy.

We also have a keen eye on news trends and monitor leading television talk shows. Top ten talk shows of 5 leading news channels are monitored on daily basis and a report is compiled about media trends. Where ever any issue related to Punjab Police pops up we respond immediately and highlights police version as well.

We also look after official accounts of Inspector General of Punjab Police on Face book and Twitter; besides it we have also launched a campaign on social media for projecting the positive image of Punjab Police through different video packages and posts prepared by media cell of DPR branch. These video packages are gaining popularity day by day as millions of people are viewing, sharing and liking these posts and clips on daily basis.

Source: DPR Branch, CPO, Punjab.
Page Last Updated: 15-11-2021