On the instructions of IG Punjab, crackdown against criminals continues across the province.

On the instructions of IG Punjab, crackdown against  criminals continues across the province.

Gujarat police arrested 203 criminals, 69 drug dealers and 86 illegal arms dealers last month.
10 criminals of 4 dangerous gangs have been arrested and stolen amount worth Rs. 1.1 million rupees were recovered.
On the direction of Inspector General of Police Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan, crackdown against criminals is going on across the  province .
Led by District Police Officer Gujrat Omar Salamat,  police teams took emergency measures to arrest anti-social elements and made significant gains against criminals.
The police teams performed high performance and arrested 203 notorious criminals involved in serious incidents i.e murder, robbery and dacoity.   Among them are 37A category, 90B category and 76 are  fugitives. During this period, Gujrat police arrested 10 members of 04 dangerous gangs and recovered stolen property worth Rs. 1.1 million and handed this amount to real and rightful owners.
 In addition, while conducting operations against criminals, 86 suspects were arrested and heavy weapons were recovered from their possession, including 5 Kalashnikov rifles, 02 guns, 03 rifles, 77 pistols and hundreds of bullets.  A total of 69 suspects were arrested and 33 kilo of Cannabis, 180 grams of heroin, 170 bottles of liquor along with 01 activated kiln and liquor distillery were recovered from their possession. In addition, 3 cases were registered against gamblers and 9 gamblers were arrested.  DPO Omar Salamat said that Gujarat Police is committed to protect the lives and property of the citizens and crack down on criminals shall remain continued.

(Handout No.195)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Sunday, October 3, 2021