Punjab Police continues operations against professional beggar mafia. Lahore police registered 1430 cases and arrested 1495 in one week.

Punjab Police continues operations against professional  beggar mafia.  Lahore police registered 1430 cases and arrested 1495 in one week.

Legal action will also be taken against the handlers, contractors and all of those who come as their " Zamin" ( guarantors)in court supporting the begging.

Wherever professional beggars are seen, citizens should report to 15. The cooperation of police, people and media is essential to nip the evil in the bud. DIG Operations Lahore.

On the direction of Inspector General of Police Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan, Punjab Police is conducting operations against professional beggar mafias.  The basic objective of this operation is to eliminate such evil and  arrest the professional beggars causing trouble for citizens on roads. In this regard, DIG Operations Lahore has presented  one week special campaign performance report.  According to the report, from September 11 to 17 in all divisions of Lahore, police teams continued operations against professional beggars in highways, intersections and other public places and registered a total of 1430 cases and arrested 1495 accused including 1414 men and 81 women.

 According to details, City Division registered 325 cases and arrested 328 accused including 320 men and 8 women, while Cantt. Division registered 179 cases and arrested 191 accused including 183 men and 8 women. Civil Line Division registered 299 cases and arrested 303  including 269 men and 34 women.  The Saddar Division registered 224 cases and arrested 241 accused including 226 men and 15 women. Likewise, Iqbal Town Division registered 180 cases and arrested 201 accused including 195 men and 6 women.  The Model Town Division registered 223 cases and arrested 231 accused, including 221 men and 10 women.  DIG Operations Lahore further said that never before in the history of Lahore Police have so many professional beggars been arrested and this special campaign against beggar mafia will continue in the second week as well.  He further said that in the second phase of the special operation, from today, the police would arrest the beggars' handlers, contractors and their guarantors (Zamin) coming to the courts as they are the ones directly supporting them.  He further said that the cooperation of the citizens is essential for the success of this crackdown against begging. Citizens are requested to report to the police on 15 wherever they see professional beggars.  Action will be taken and no effort will be spared to ensure the eradication of this evil with the cooperation of the citizens as well as the media.

(Handout No. 182)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Sunday, September 19, 2021