IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan chaired a departmental meeting on improvement of police stations and prevention of child related crimes.

IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan chaired a departmental meeting on improvement of police stations and prevention of child related crimes.

Officers and personnel with disrespect, mistreatment or irresponsible attitude towards citizens should not be posted in police stations.

SP Dolphin should make sure that Dolphin and Peru only act as first responders, they are not allowed to establish police pickets.

An officer below the rank of Sub-Inspector shall not be appointed on police picket while the concerned Circle Officer shall meet the requirements of the police check posts and brief the staff.

DIG IT has been directed to prepare and submit a feasibility report on the establishment of Police Service Centers after every 50 km across the province.

CPOs, DPOs should send special awareness teams to educational institutions to prevent incidents of child abuse.  IG Punjab.

Inspector General of Police Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan has said that the police station is a basic unit of policing and to make it a real relief center for the citizens is the need of the hour. He added that the role of supervisory officers is crucial in this regard, so supervisory officers should pay special attention to inspections and close monitoring while going out in the field to improve the departmental affairs of the police stations and eradicate the traditional police culture.  He further said that officers and personnel who have disrespectful, abusive or irresponsible attitude towards the citizens should not be posted in the police stations while effective briefing of stress management and Public dealing should be given to staff appointed in police stations so that   all possible steps may be  taken in good faith to solve problems of incoming citizens  without delay.  He further said that SP Dolphin should ensure that Dolphin and Peru only act as First Responder Force and they should not be allowed to set up police pickets on roads at all while officers below rank of Sub-Inspector should not be deputed on pickets anywhere while concerned Circle Officer and SHOs, in addition to meeting the requirements of the pickets, provide effective briefing to the staff so that they do not face any difficulty in checking the citizens at the checkpoints. He further said that prevention of incidents of abuse of women and children is one of the top priorities of Punjab Police.  Therefore, CPOs and DPOs should form special awareness teams of police officers and personnel to prevent incidents of sexual violence, harassment and deliver lecture on Good Touch and Bad Touch and also briefing on contact number and procedure for getting immediate police help in case of any difficulty and abuse of children by visiting all educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities and madrassas.  He further said that arrangements should be made within the next one week to start this program for the awareness and support of children in the educational institutions so that an awareness campaign could be launched as soon as the educational institutions closed due to Corona reopen.  He issued these instructions to the officers while presiding over the first departmental meeting on improving the affairs of police stations and prevention of crimes against children at the Central Police Office here today.

 Instructing the officers, the IG Punjab said that the emergency calls received on IGP Complaint No. 1787 should be immediately transferred to the concerned circle officer who should talk to the citizen and ensure immediate action and provide relief to him. IGP said that delays in resolving complaints received at the IG Office are not tolerated and AIG Complaints should make the monitoring process more robust and effective.  He further said that special attention should be paid to CCTV monitoring in front desks, lock ups and SHOs rooms and departmental action should be taken against any violation of SOPs by police officers and personnel during the monitoring.  Instructing DIG IT Waqas Nazir, he said that in view of the best results of service delivery at the service centers, the scope of service centers should be further expanded with the establishment of service centers after every 50 km across the province and a feasibility report should be prepared and submitted to him as soon as possible so that the scope of this public service project can be expanded as much as possible. Additional IG Operations Sahibzada Shehzad Sultan, DIG IT Waqas Nazir, RPO Sheikhupura Dr Inam Waheed, AIG Operations Zeeshan Raza were present in the meeting while CPO Rawalpindi Ahsan Younis and DPO Mianwali Captain (Retd.)  Mustansir Feroze participated via video link.

(Handout No. 179)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Monday, September 13, 2021