Delay in registration of cases, especially on applications of unknown accused, is tantamount to aiding the oppressor.

Delay in registration of cases, especially on applications of unknown accused, is tantamount to aiding the oppressor.

Officers with ill-treatment, rudeness and misbehavior with public are not eligible for field postings.

With the deployment of well-mannered staff in the Anti-Women Harassment and Violence Cell, special attention should be paid to effective follow-up and monitoring.

Immediate registration of cases related to women and children, arrest of accused and action under section 182 against the plaintiffs of false cases has been directed

Officers and personnel who defame uniforms will face severe departmental action.

Officers who deviate from the discipline matrix and punish their subordinates should also be prepared for punishment.  IG Punjab

Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani has said that in order to solve public problems, it is necessary for the field officers to ensure their presence in the field as much as possible so that the direct access of the citizens to them is not disrupted and officers should refrain from repeatedly summoning the SHOs and  investigating officers to the police offices for petty matters and in this regard, other officers including CCPOs, RPOs, CPOs and DPOs should  give directions as per the requirements to SHOs and investigating officers  via Zoom or Video Link. IG Punjab has said that the deployment of Additional SHOs in place of SHOs in police stations should be stopped immediately and no additional SHO should supervise the affairs of police stations for more than three days. He further said that if the appointment of SHO was not implemented within three days, then SHO would be posted in the police stations with the signature of CCPO Lahore and if SHO was not posted on the vacant post even within seven days, Then Additional IG Operations, Punjab shall deploy SHO from Central Police Office which will also have the power to remove them.  He further said that show cause notices and suspension of officers for minor errors should be stopped immediately. If departmental action is to be taken against any officer or official, he should be punished according to the disciplined matrix issued.  He further said that illegal detention, torture and killing were not acceptable under any circumstances and DIG IAB will take notice of such incidents and take action after carrying out the inquiry and departmental action under his own supervision.  He added that no incident is big or small, it is a different matter that sometimes a big event is hidden and a small incident catches more hype, so instead of considering an incident as small or big, we should take legal action as per the rules because sometimes in just one incident, delay in police action puts a month's good work behind it.  He further said that in my view ranker and PSP are equal and officers who defame uniforms will have to face severe departmental action and convey my message to the constable level.  He said that immediate registration of cases related to women and children and delay in arrest of accused would not be tolerated under any circumstances.  He further said that special attention should be paid to the effective follow-up and monitoring of each case with the deployment of well-mannered staff in the Anti-Women Harassment and Violence Cell set up to ensure the safety of women.  He said that only by improving public service delivery and helping the oppressed can the police gain the trust of the people.  The IG Punjab said that he wanted to make it clear that the officers who were abusive, rude and rude to the people were not entitled to field postings.  The deployment of people-friendly, dutiful and well-mannered officers and personnel in the field should be the priority of the field commanders. He expressed these views while giving instructions in a meeting with the officers during his visit to Police Lines Lahore.

IG Punjab has started regional visits for smart policing projects, measures to change police station culture and monitoring of police performance. CCPO Lahore Ghulam Mehmud Dogar briefed IG Punjab on various projects including Public Centric Policing and IT.  Instructing the officers on the occasion, the IG Punjab said that delay in registration of cases, especially on applications of unknown accused, is tantamount to aiding the oppressor.  Our job is to provide full assistance to the oppressed as well as ensure legal action against the oppressor and bring him to a logical conclusion.  He added that it should be kept in mind that they will have to face accountability whoever is found guilty of delay of registration of cases and who do not take action against applicants of false cases under section 182 will also be fixed.  Instructing the officers, he further said that the accused involved in drug trafficking are a menace of the society against whom action should be taken expeditiously. In the session, CCPO Lahore Ghulam Mehmud Dogar, DIG operations, captain retired Sohail Chaudhary DIG Investigation Sharaq Kamal, CTO Lahore Muntazer Mehdi and other officers of Lahore Police including all DSPs were also present.

(Handout No. 170)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2021