Zero tolerance for violence in police custody, corruption: IGP

Nov 11, 2020

Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani said that while maintaining the rule of law in the society, eradication of criminal elements and easy delivery of best service to the citizens is the objective of Punjab Police, therefore all command officers along with full counter-operations should promote a sense of security in society through friendly policing.

He said that the officers and personnel who are illegally detaining the accused do not deserve any concession as the entire force is facing criticism due to these few black sheep and therefore departmental action and legal proceedings against those responsible for deaths in custody should not be delayed and they will have to be held accountable. He further said that SP Complaints should play its role more effectively for the timely registration of complaints of citizens while those who have lodged false FIRs, proceedings under section 182 should not be delayed at all.
He said that eradication of crimes against children and women especially abuse is one of my top priorities so forensic science and geo-fencing should be used to the fullest to punish the culprits involved in such crimes. He further said that the new vehicles provided by the government should be used only for operational duties in the police stations while in difficult economic conditions, the Punjab government provided police with new vehicles and other resources in return we have to improve our performance by uprooting the crime and strengthening the government’s writ.

He stressed that by the end of November, the launch of digital road signs test of driving license in the style of Lahore Police should be ensured across the province so that the use of modern technology not only fully benefits the citizens but also enhances transparency and merit. He further said that the atmosphere of trust between the police and the people can be further enhanced only with better attitude towards the citizens, better performance of duties and improvement of public service delivery. So that he can win the hearts of the citizens by performing his duties in the best possible way.

He further said that regular firing practice of the personnel in the police lines of all the districts should be ensured in all cases so that in case of emergency the personnel could perform better. He further said that the accused involved in the production, sale and use of metallic thread of kites do not deserve any concession so all the circle officers should intensify the operations against the kite flying violators in the areas under their control.

He said that under effective strategy, the law-breaking elements involved in this dangerous game should be put behind the bars as soon as possible so that the precious lives of the citizens could be protected. He further said that crackdown on illegal and unlicensed firearms holders in all districts of the province should be intensified and licensed arms used in incidents should be suspended in close coordination with the concerned agencies.

(Daily Times)