RPOs directed to monitor Majalis, processions

Oct 08, 2020

LAHORE:IGP held a RPOs conference at Central Police Office here on Wednesday. He directed the officers to monitor the security arrangements of sensitive processions and Majalis on Chehlum of Imam Hussain (RA). He said RPOs, DPOs should investigate cases of abuse of women and children under their supervision. He said that prevention of incidents of abuse of women and children is one of the top priorities of Punjab police.

Therefore, such incidents should be investigated by experienced and expert officers and the culprits should be punished severely and directed DPOs to ensure monitoring and investigation of cases of abuse and sexual violence against women and children under their own supervision. He further said that those responsible for violence, death during detention and abuse of power do not deserve any concession and departmental and legal action should not be delayed under zero tolerance against those responsible for such incidents.

seeks reports: The inspector general of police Punjab took notices of three different crime incidents, including a death in police custody and harassment of a girl. He directed the CCPO Lahore to submit a report on a girl’s harassment in a private hotel and take departmental and legal action against the culprits. He directed the Sheikhupura and Faisalabad RPOs to submit their reports pertaining to two deaths, one at Kasur Kutchery and the other in police custody, respectively.

(The News)