Crackdown against criminals, anti-social elements continues

May 31, 2020

LAHORE - As per directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Shoaib Dastagir, crackdown against criminals and anti social elements in all districts of the province is continued and in this regard Dera Ghazi Khan police under supervision of district police officer Akhtar Farooq  achieved landmark success after clutching the necks of criminals.

Likewise, in a campaign of search operations in different places meant for arrest of Proclaimed Offenders (POs), during  month of May, police arrested 79 wanted criminals including 563 POs involved in murder, dacoity and robbery, ransom and  theft. Hefty amount of automatic weapons and drugs have been recovered.

In which 19 Kalashnikovs, 01 rifle, 04 guns, 139 pistols,07 revolvers  13,898 cartridges and bullets of different bores have been recovered from the accused.

During this period, in a strict crackdown, Dera Ghazi Khan police seized 44 kilo 103 gram  chars, 1,300 gram heroin, 426 litre alcohol and 192 bottles of wine.  In a crackdown against gamblers, heavy gambling  money having worth of 3 lac 82 thousands 780 rupees have been seized. Moreover, during search operations in different places record of 800 dubious persons have been checked, whereas 600 rented homes have been checked.

Security measures of 700 sensitive educational places have been checked, 50 hotels have been checked 15 bus terminals and 800 sensitive places have been checked. Moreover, for protection purpose many persons have been bound on guarantee under 107 and 109 (Z. F).

Following the National Action Plan (NAP) Dera Ghazi Khan police lodged cases against violators of loudspeaker act. Cases have been registered against power theft. During month of May, due to effective patrolling pickets and positive strategies, the incidents of terrorism, kidnapping, dacoity, robbery, extortion theft have been controlled to great extent.

Likewise, 5 year child Muhammad Umar in ransom of 60 lakh has been recovered within 31 hours from Balochistan province and accused have been arrested.

According to DPO Akhtar Farooq, in order to ensure equal implementation of law and protection of lives and wealth of people Dera Ghazi Khan police is offering its professional duties with honesty and diligence and  peace and protection of public shall never be compromised and available resources shall be utilized for elimination of crimes.

(The Nation)