Police book 818 violators of Section 144

Mar 31, 2020

As per orders of Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, police teams are strictly implementing the instructions issued by government of the Punjab regarding Section 144, lockdwon and corona virus in all districts across the province so that precious lives of citizens may be saved from coronavirus pandemic and every possible help may be provided to them.

Likewise, under containment of corona pandemic police teams along with health and other departments are taking actions under the supervision of DPOs to prevent from coronavirus and awareness campaigns are also being run for protection of wealth and lives of people and strict actions are also being taken against hoarders of face masks, hand sanitizers and other essential equipment. Such callous hoarders are being arrested for selling equipments under undue profit so that the citizens may be facilitated in such difficult time.

According to the details, during last 24 hours, actions are being taken against violation of section 144. Similarly, police teams during last 24 hours registered 818 cases in violation of section 144 and 1095 accused have been arrested whereas 209 have been released on warning. Likewise, during last day, actions against hoardings, police teams registered 21 cases and 21 accused have been arrested.

During the last 24 hours, 26401 individuals have been checked on 1282 check posts. 17857 vehicles and motorcycles have been checked, 19473 citizens have been released on warning. Surety bonds have been taken from 1547 citizens, 875 citizens have been sent to police stations and 382 FIRs have been registered in this regard. Actions have been taken against 57 shops and 04 restaurants whereas 8767 persons have been given help during awareness campaign. It is here worth mentioning that since start of lockdwon, collectively 5663 cases have been registered under violation of section 144 whereas 153 cases have been registered against violation of price control and hoardings act.

IG Shoaib Dastgir stressed upon regional and district police chiefs to speed up the actions against the violators of law and directed to continue the actions against those who don’t follow the directions of government and also submit the progress report of crackdown to Central police office on daily basis. He further said that officers and officials deputed in field should follow and ensure the precautionary measures of pandemic coronavirus and take steps along with other government departments to counter this virus and help out the citizens.

(Pakistab Observer)