Gangs employing novel ways of robberies

Feb 11, 2020

LAHORE: Shadbagh police have arrested two members of a gang involved in robberies in houses in Nishtar Colony, Sattu Katla, Shadbagh and Sundar areas during the past month.

One of the two women in the seven-member gang was arrested along with a man.

City SP Safdar Raza Kazmi told the Express Tribune that the gang observed homes in housing societies to ascertain the number of occupants and their routine. Police investigation showed that the robbers targeted homes of wealthy businessmen and sent their accomplice women with food to get the gate opened after the men had left for work.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of an incident in Nishtar Colony revealed that the dacoits gave an impression that a woman from the neighbourhood had brought food to share. As someone opened the door, the armed robbers entered the house, while two of them guarded the entrance. The robbers then took the family hostage and looted them.

Shadbagh Police Station SHO Waqar Bukhari arrested two members of the gang, Mehek and Zulfiqar, with the help of CCTV footage and seized arms, mobile phones and a motorcycle from them. The official said raids were being carried out to arrest other members of the gang.

Accused in robbery case dies in police custody

SSP Operations Mohammad Naveed told the Express Tribune that Lahore police had also busted a gang operating in Iqbal Town, Gulberg and Samanabad. A girl from the gang used to stand on the roadside and seek a lift from a car or motorcycle. Her armed accomplices chased the vehicles and robbed the drivers when the girl asked them to stop at a deserted place. Most of the victims did not report the incidents to avoid questioning by police. During interrogation, the arrested gang members revealed that they had robbed dozens of people.

Earlier, CIA police arrested a gang comprising 24 women and 12 men that were involved in robberies across Punjab.

A former CIA official said the women of the gang got employed as domestic help in homes in affluent areas. While working in the homes for three or four days they found out where the families kept cash and valuables. After this, they drugged the food so that the family fell unconscious and robbed the house. The gang looted more than 70 houses in various districts, including Lahore. As per police officials, it took them six months to bust the gang.

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Operations, Rai Babar Saeed said a front desk was available in all housing societies and police stations where owners of houses should register their domestic employees. However, most citizens hire their staff without police verification.