Four arrested for being involved in aerial firing

Feb 10, 2020

LAHORE: Four suspects were arrested for being involved in aerial firing during a scuffle over a land dispute in the Nawab Town area.

The police said two groups were having a land dispute and were gathered to settle the matter at the Bhatti Chowk. During the meeting, the members of both groups started exchanging harsh words with each other and hurled threats of dire consequences.

A CCTV footage aired by various news channels showed the group members thrashing each other with kicks and fists. Some of the armed men started firing into the air to disperse their opponents.

A contingent of police reached the spot, arrested four of the people involved in firing and recovered the weapons from them.

THRASHED: A Christian man was thrashed and injured over use of a term of endearment (beta) for a Muslim at Gulshan-i-Ravi on Sunday.

Liaqat Gill, a Christian resident of Nonariyan Chowk, was sitting in his house when he heard noise in the street. He came out of his house and saw some locals having a scuffle over some matter. Mr Gill intervened and tried to pacify the scuffling parties and asked them not to fight.

“Beta (son) don’t fight and please settle the matter through a dialogue,” he said while narrating his ordeal to Dawn.

The suspects first thrashed Mr Gill for calling one of them son while he himself was a Christian and later opened fire at his house and hurled threats at him of dire consequences.

Mr Gill rushed inside his house and locked the door from inside before alerting the police.

The police reportedly reached the spot, collected empty bullet casings and started investigation.

KILLED: A woman was killed in celebratory fire in the Naseerabad area on Sunday.

The police said Samina, a mother of three, was attending a birthday celebration of their relative where the participants opened fire in jubilation. A bullet hit and injured Samina. She was shifted to a nearby hospital where she could not survive.

The police shifted the body to morgue for autopsy and waiting for complaint to register the case.

(Daily Dawn)