Jhang police arrested 159 criminals including three gangs.

Jan 02, 2020

Jhang police arrested 159 criminals including three gangs, proclaimed offenders and others, huge amount drugs and illegal arms have recovered from them.

LAHORE:As per directions of IGP Punjab Shoaib Dastgir the process of actions against professional criminals are underway across the province. In this regard, DPO Jhang Muhammad Hassan Raza khan said that police is committed by day and night to eradicate crimes from the society and eliminate curse of drugs along with maintaining law and order in district Jhang and as per orders of IG Punjab, community policing, timely provision of justice, protection of wealth and respect of public are among top priorities of Police and in this regard Jhang police has expedited the actions against proclaimed offenders, judicial absconders, thieves, dacoits, drugs peddlers and personal having illegal warms in their possession. He further told that during last month, jhang police arrested 159 proclaimed offenders, 97 judicial absconders and 30 habitual criminals among them 17 proclaimed offenders are of A category whereas accused of three gangs implicated in different crimes have also been arrested. Likewise, 68 drugs peddlers have been arrested in order to clean Jhang from the curse of drugs and 31. 048 chars, 0.135 kg heroine, 95 liter half baked wine, 931 bottles of wine and 03 running factories of alcohol have been recovered form them. Following the national action plan, 54 accused have been arrested during a campaign meant for cleansing of Jhang from illegal weapon holders and cases have been registered against them as well. 07 guns, 02 rifles, 03 revolvers, 39 pistols and 105 cartridges have been recovered from them. Taking actions against violation of loud speaker act 08 cases have been registered against the violators and legal action has been started. 10 cases have been registered against seller of open patrol, , 03 cases under tenancy act, 28 cases under illegal gas refilling and 26 cases against power theft have been registered so far. 32 cases have been registered against installation of illegal gas cylinders in vehicles. Under price control act, 07 cases have been registered.. 02 cases have been registered against persons involved in fire work. Under fertilizer act, 02 cases have been registered, 01 case has been registered against child labor act, 09 cases have been registered under telegraph act and 5 cases have been registered under security act and legal actions have been started against them all. Above all, accused involved in crimes of cattle theft, robbery and dacoty have been arrested and amount of 1137201 have been recovered and handed over to real owners of this amount. DPO Jhang said that as per directions of of IG Punjab Shoaib Dastgir, snap checking and search operations have been boosted up for elimination of crimes and drugs culture from the society besides maintenance of law and order in the district and it has been directed to intra districts police that a great care should be given to law abiding citizens during the operations as per devised SOPs.

(Daily Noteable)