IG Punjab Shoaib Dastagir Visited Gujranwala Held Meeting With RPO, DPOs And Other Officers.

Dec 28, 2019

Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastagir said that it is my mission to establish Punjab police professionally strong and helpful for public and in this regard police officers should perform their duties with honesty, dutifulness and hard work to win the hearts of public by improved service delivery and good demeanour so that trust between public and police can be further strengthened. He further directed to ensure effective monitoring of the modern policing initiatives including Khidmat Markaz and to further improve the service delivery in the light of the feedback from citizens because without promoting the sense of security among citizens their trust can’t be won. He further directed senior officers to ensure that citizens visiting police stations are being treated in a congenial environment and every effort should be made for the help of needy and to purge the society from criminal and anti-social elements without any pressure. He warned the elements involved in corruption, power trespassing, carelessness and misbehave with the public to fall in line or else be ready for action against them.

(The Daily Noteable)