IGP Police Complaint Center 1787

One of the initiatives of Punjab Police is the establishment of an integrated IGP Police Complaint Center. Previously the complaints were received through post or a person had to travel to Lahore to submit his complaint in person at the Inspector General of Police office. This initiative aims at receiving complaints through SMS and voice calls on a short code (1787). Moreover, complaints are also received online as well as through emails. 

A dedicated team of young IT professionals has been deputed to handle these complaints in an expeditious manner. The system is highly interactive and the complainant is kept in the loop till the disposal of the complaint. The complainant can view the progress of his complaint online and can send his feedback at any moment, online or through SMS.

Following nature of complaints are entertained at the IGP Complaints Center:

  • Non-Registration of FIRs 
  • Faulty investigations 
  • Illegal detentions 
  • Arrests of innocent persons 
  • Registration of false FIR 
  • Slackness in Duty  
  • Demand of illegal gratification

All complaints are sent to senior ranking officers for due action and in any case they are not marked to an officer below the rank of a Sub Divisional Police officer, who is bound to call the complainant himself within 8 hours and report to the IGP Complaints center that he has made contact with the complainant. Moreover, these officers have to send their final reports within stipulated timelines. For complaints of Illegal detentions and demand of illegal gratification the replies have to be submitted within 24 hours. Similarly, for complaints of Non-Registration of FIRs and Arrests of innocent persons the replies have to be submitted within 72 hours, and for rest of the types of complaints the reports are to be submitted within two weeks.

Replies received from respective offices are cross checked by the staff at Police Complaints Center by making telephonic calls to the complainants. In case of any ambiguity or the complainant has expressed dissatisfaction regarding the reply, the matter is sent to a senior officer for verification. The complaint is not disposed of till it’s either redressed or has proved to be false after verification by a senior officer.

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Page Last Updated: 05-12-2019