Drug peddlers, gamblers arrested

Dec 17, 2019

LAHORE:Police in crackdowns on drug peddlers and gamblers have arrested 1,056 accused during the last 15 days.

City Division Police arrested 103, Cantt Division 121, Civil Lines Division 68, Sadar Division 68, Iqbal Town Division 53 where as Model Town Division Police arrested 79 drug peddlers during their crackdowns. Police recovered more than 82-kg Charas, 6-kg heroin, more than 5-kg opium, more than 6-kg Bhang and 6,090-litre liquor. Police recovered more than 9 lakh rupees from the 564 criminals in action against gamblers.

OUTLAWS HELD: Police (Sadar Division) in crackdown on criminals arrested 99 criminals and recovered 15 pistols, 2 Kalashnikovs, 3 guns, bullets, more than 3-kg Charas and 268 bottles of liquor. Sadar Division Police busted 5 gangs and arrested its 13 members along with 6 bikes, 9 mobiles and thousands of rupees from them. Police also recovered thousands of rupees from the 12 criminals in action against gamblers.

Fifteen proclaimed offenders of A&B categories in cases of theft, cheque dishonour and other crimes were arrested. Sadar Division Police arrested 15 criminals for violating Kite Flying, One Wheeling and Rental Acts.

(The News)