Punjab police starts crackdown against criminals

Dec 11, 2019

Punjab police have started crackdown against anti social elements and criminals across the province whereas search and intelligence based operations have also been started besides enhancing the security of sensitive places, religious spots, educational institutions and public places.
IG Punjab has also sought reports from all RPOs and DPOs regarding Police actions against professional criminals in order to ensure safety of public lives and properties. In this regard District Police Officer Okara Umar Saeed Malik while giving one month progress report told that as per directions of IGP Punjab, actions against proclaimed offenders, drugs peddlers and illegal arms users have been speeded up and district police will always be endeavoring to maintain law and order and taking the criminals to their ultimate end.

He further told that during the last month, 298 proclaimed offenders have been rounded up among them 23 accused were of A category and 275 accused were of B category whereas 180 offenders of court have also been arrested and Okara District Police seized more than one kilogram opium, 14 kilogram Chars, 1574 alcohol bottles and five working kilns of wine extraction. He further added that 114 cases have been registered against the drugs dealers whereas 116 cases have been registered against accused after recovering 4 rifles, 11 guns, 5 revolvers, 91 pistols, 03 carbeen, 02 klashankoves and more than 450 bullets from their possession.
He further told that under national action plan, 11 cases have been registered against violation of sound system during the last month, Moreover cases have been registered under 5 temporary residency and 30 sensitive places whereas 07 cases have been registered against gamblers and rascals and huge amount have been recovered from the gambling spot.

Likewise, Police station Sadar Okara arrested the unknown accused wanted in blind murder. DPO Okara further told that during this period, 11 accused persons of 4 different gangs have been arrested involved in dacoity, robbery cum murder and forced looting whereas cash money, car, motorcycle, home luggage and other articles have been recovered from them have value of more than 31 lacs.

(Pakistan Observer)