New IG pledges uniform enforcement of law

Nov 29, 2019

LAHORE: Newly appointed Inspector General of Punjab police Shoaib Dastgir has said that he will adopt the concept of ‘state of Madina’ by justly implementing law for the protection of citizens.

After assuming his charge as Punjab IGP here on Thursday, he said though the leadership of Punjab police did not wield any sweeping powers, it was committed to protection of the public.

“So it is crystal clear that we are to ensure just implementation of laws for protection of the citizens and in this process no one, including me, is above the law”, said Mr Dastgir while addressing media persons and police officers at a ceremony held at the Central Police Office.

He said if someone in police thought he would misuse his/her powers because of the uniform, he/she would have to face the music.

Mr Dastgir said the system of punishment and reward would be improved by ensuring professionalism and merit in the police department to encourage good officers, while the negligent ones would be held accountable.
(Daily Dawn)