Police directed to ensure law, order

Nov 14, 2019

LAHORE:Punjab IGP Arif Nawaz Khan has said upholding rule of law and protection of lives and properties of citizens is the primary responsibility of police.

Police should perform their duties at high alert ensuring smooth traffic flow during any protest or sit-in and any attempt to disturb peace must not succeed, the IG said. He issued these directions during a video link RPOs conference to all Regional Police Officers. During conference overall law and order situation, traffic management plan and other matters were discussed.

driving licence: Additional IG Traffic has issued an order for making driving licence acquisition process easy for the public by advancing one step towards modernity. The acquisition of driving licence has been made easy for those citizens who move to other districts for purpose of employment and business.

Farewell: Police officers bade farewell to the recently retired SI Muhammad Anwar and senior clerk Adnan at DIG Security office on Wednesday.

(The News)