ASPs of 46th common course visited central police office.

ASPs of 46th common course visited central police office.

ASPs were briefed about operational means and modern IT projects of Punjab Police.

The subordinates should be treated courteously to seek best results from them and officers should be like an exemplary leader.

By soft communication and dutifulness, public may be served in better ways and prestige of the department may be increased. IG Punjab.

Inspector General of Police Punjab captain retired Arif Nawaz Khan said that different challenges faced by police can be countered effectively only by adopting honesty, commitment, hard work by all ASPs and also keeping a close coordination with the citizens and utilizing all their professional and mental capabilities to protect wealth and lives of people. He further said that it is the top priority of the officer to seek better performance and output from his subordinates, therefore, the force should be dealt with politeness, soft behavior and better attitude by their officers so that the force may ensure timely and immediate steps for resolving the issues of people with full sense of responsibility and commitment. He further said that the young officers should prefer challenging positions at the start of their career so that they may be groomed in better ways and also face professional hurdles and ups and downs in the service. These views were expressed by him during a meeting with ASPs who paid visit to Central police office today.

While answering to queries asked by the ASPs, IG Punjab said that Punjab Police is paying special attention to public service delivery despite maintaining supremacy of law in the society so all ASPs should prepared themselves for helping hapless, aggrieved and poor citizens under the vision of Open Door Policy so that the prestige of the department may be enhanced. Moreover IGP said that police service is a noble profession by which we can make our eternal life beautiful after helping out the aggrieved citizens whereas this service is also full of challenges and dangers therefore all officers should ensure to be the protectors of public with the help of dutifulness and honesty.
He further said that for elimination of crimes from the society, police officers should be well aware of the modern technology and modern policing parameters therefore they should continue modern training courses along with enhancing their efficiency with the passage of time and perform their assigned duties within the limits of law no matter wherever they are appointed. The trainee officers visited 8787 IGP complaint center, monitoring and control room and other branches and got to know about detailed situation of law and order  and challenges in the Punjab. DIG headquarters Syed Khurram Ali was also present at this occasion.

(Handout No. 393)
​Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Monday, November 4, 2019