Emergency police helpline launched in Bhakkar

Oct 23, 2019

BHAKKAR: Following in the footsteps of other districts in the province, Bhakkar police have launched a centralised emergency police helpline in collaboration with the Punjab Safe City Authority.

The ‘Pukaar 15’ helpline, which operates round the clock, has been established to guide citizens. The project is based on a centralised system and response mechanism which connects all districts in the province.

Using this system, all police stations and officials across the province will be connected to each other through a safe network. If any citizen in Bhakkar calls the helpline, it will be forwarded to the concerned police station which will assist the citizen. The station would consequently  submit a report detailing the measures and legal action taken.

Meanwhile, the call will be recorded to check personnel’s conduct and response. The system is meant to ensure the provision of swift and speedy relief to the people.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, District Police Officer (DPO) Faisal Gulzar said that the helpline has been launched in Bhakkar and other districts in the province to provide citizens with the help and guidance.

The helpline’s headquarters were established at Qurban Lines in Lahore, while another centre has been set up at the DPO’s office in Bhakkar. Unlike previously launched helplines, all calls received are answered at the headquarters in Lahore before being forwarded to their respective districts.

For this purpose, special software has been designed where details, such as the police’s response and the final action taken, are all recorded, he maintained.

Further, trained and experienced staff have been hired at the District Helpline Centre in Bhakkar to offer guidance to locals, he added.

Data from centres set up in different districts of the province shows that from September 1 to October 17, the helpline received 29,378 phone calls. Out of these, 19,894 calls were prank calls. Further, around 1,495 citizens were provided with immediate assistance, two missing individuals were handed over to their family and several stolen items and valuables were returned to their rightful owners. The average response time for the helpline was recorded as being 23 minutes.

The DPO highlighted that the purpose of the helpline is to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property by providing timely emergency response. He urged citizens to use the helpline in a responsible manner.