IG Punjab chaired a video link conference at Central Police Office.

IG Punjab Captain Retired Arif Nawaz Khan chaired a video link conference at Central Police Office.

CCPO Lahore, All RPOs and DPOs of the province participated in this conference through video link.

 Modern Scientific means of investigation should be used in the cases of sexual abuse of women and children.

The policy of zero tolerance will be adopted against those officers and officials, who tress passes their powers, misbehave with the citizens and violate the law.

All resources should be utilized for security of the citizens and PAK Srilanka teams during the matches. IG Punjab.

Inspector General Police Punjab Captain Retired Arif Nawaz Khan said that use of modern technology and scientific modes of investigation in the cases of women and children abuse and torture is a need of the hour therefore the investigation officers should get benefit from the forensic science and geo fencing so that such criminals might be unveiled and taken before the law and made example. He further said that RPOs and DPOs should take adequate steps under their own supervision for the recovery of children and women who went missing from their houses and benefit should be taken with the help of information sharing between patrolling forces, special branch and other institutions so that the aggrieved parents could see their innocent children as soon as possible. He moreover said that all available resources should be taken to provide security to citizens and players during the matches of Pakistan and Srilanka in Lahore. Search, sweep and combing operations should be conducted in the vicinity of hotels and cricket stadium whereas monitoring and surveillance of stadium, roads specially roots should be ensured with the help of safe city cameras. He further said that in case of death under police custody, judicial inquiry will be conducted besides registration of murder cases against the responsible persons whereas policy of zero tolerance should be adopted against those officers and officials who go beyond their powers, misbehave the citizens and violate law. IG Punjab further said that information based operations should be boosted up against drug paddlers especially in surroundings of educational institutions. These views were expressed by him while he was giving directions to officers through video link conference. CCPO Lahore, all RPOs and DPOs attended this conference through video link.

During the conference the reports of cases regarding missing of children and women from all districts of the province were examined whereas all RPOs and DPOs briefed IG Punjab about progress and performance of police teams of their respective districts upon which IG Punjab directed that the citizens should be dealt with good behavior and courtesy so that image of police may be improved by showing best performance. IG punjab said that all officers should focus on crime fighting, traffic management and matters of general policing despite public service delivery whereas SHOs, in charge investigation and circle officers should be held accountable for delay in arresting the criminals regarding the cases of murder and kidnapping for ransom. He further said that security of sensitive installations worship places of minorities and important offices should be reviewed and the officials deputed over there should be briefed about the sensitivity of their duties. He further said that senior officers should pay surprise visits to police stations for improving performance of their subordinates and inspection of work. IGP said that the working of the staff appointed in Front desk, operations and investigations branches should be examined in details. He further said that the process of monitoring of front desk, lockups and rooms of SHOs should ensured at any cost with the help CCTV cameras and where ever the incident of tress passing of power, misbehaving the citizens are violating the laws occur than a strict action will be taken against the responsible persons in the light of discipline matrix and zero tolerance policy. He emphasized upon that the crack down against the illegal weapons holders having no license should be speed up. He said that if licensed weapons were used in criminals activities than these should be cancelled and their report should be sent to central police office.

(Handout No. 358)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019