IG Punjab issued new standing orders for controlling child abuse, lodging of cases and investigation.

IG Punjab issued new standing orders for controlling child abuse, lodging of cases and investigation.

Senior field officers have been directed to brief their subordinate officers and officials about this Standing Order by holding a meeting.

In case of agreement between the plaintiff and accused outside of the court, section 311 will be included in the case so that the accused could not evade from punishment.

Inspector General of Police Punjab Captain retired Arif Nawaz Khan has issued a new standing order for police force regarding controlling of child abuse, lodging of cases and their investigation so that such incidents may be eliminated and the accused should be punished strictly and the provision of justice to the affected families should be ensured. IG Punjab directed CCPO Lahore, all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs to take effective steps under their supervision to address cases of sexual abuse and said that all CPOs, DPOs should hold a meeting with their relevant ASPs, SDPOs, DSPs Legal, SHOs , Incharge Investigation and Incharge Police Posts for briefing them about the new standing Orders in detail so that they may solve such cases in a better way. The report regarding this matter should be sent to central police office till the evening of 28th of September.

In this standing order, it has been directed by the IG Punjab that in case of agreement between accused and plaintiff, the section 311 should be included into the case so that the criminals and accused persons could be taken to their ultimate end and society may be made peaceful. According to the standing order, it has been directed that if sexual abuse is committed in any area, after receiving the information of this incident, relevant SHO or senior officer should himself reach the crime spot and will report to senior officers about the situation. It has further been said in the notification that SHO will be bound to collect the scientific and material evidence from the crime scene and if the affected person is found injured then he should be taken to the hospital by the SHO for the medical aid.

Case will be lodged immediately after receiving of the information of the incident and no delay should be tolerated in lodging of FIR at the pretext of undue engagements so that accused could not get any edge during the trial of the case whereas copy of FIR should be sent to senior officers for being a special report case of child abuse. Investigation officers shall make a sketch of the wound of the affected child and in this sketch, all hits, bruises, signs, signs of nails will be reported in the report with details. Statement of the affected child shall record under section 164. If any affected child or female child or accused is under arrest then their samples of DNA shall be taken by the police so that any evidence may not get wasted.

The affected person shall not be called for their presence in the investigation but Investigation officer will himself move to the home of the affected person and will record the statements of his relatives. Investigation officer will not ask such questions which may hurt the self-respect of the affected child.  Written approval will be sought from the affected person for his medical check-up if he is above 18 years whereas approval of medical examination will be sought from guardians or parents of affected person if he is below 18 years.

If the affected child is a female then the investigation will be conducted by a lady police officer, not below the rank of Sub Inspector. If mobile phones or other electronic gadgets are recovered from the accused then these should be sent to Forensic Science Agency Lahore without any delay for examination. For the investigation of such cases, the instructions of the Supreme Court should ascertain which has already been sent to field units in the form of SOP.

During the investigation, collection of forensic evidence should be ensured with the help of experts of Punjab Forensic Science Agency. Result of DNA will be safely received from PFSA. During the examination of crime scene, the investigation officers should archive all pieces of evidence safely with the help of all scientific and technology-based means so that the evidences should be submitted to the courts as admissible proofs. If any CCTV camera is found from the crime scene then the investigation officer should secure its recording so that the final decision should be reached easily. During the investigation, if any legal complication is found then guidance from the prosecution branch should be sought.

Keeping in view the statement of the affected child and his physical condition, the suspect should be asked questions, answers and cross-questions. If the affected child is a female then during the investigation it is needed to include a male suspect then the help of a male police officer may be required. The arrested accused will undergo a medical test through a medical officer to know the medical condition for the commission of such crime. To identify the age of the affected child and the accused the relevant documents will be acquired from the NADRA and if no documents of age are found then the opinion of an expert doctor will be sought in this regard.

The process would be initiated under section 88 for the arrest of the absconder and If accused is unknown than with the help of victim a sketch of the culprit would be issued for his earliest arrest. If an individual is arrested on suspicion than the arrested person would be immediately shifted to judicial lockup so that identification parade could be done and face of the arrested person must be covered from arrest to judicial lockup. Gazetted police officer will review the case documents (MISAL MUQADMA) and sign it before sending it to Prosecution Branch. All possible measures will be taken for the protection and security of the affected child, and witnesses during the trial and will also ensure the witness attendance at court if called. No less than the rank of Sub Inspector will be deputed as follow-up officer for trial in such cases and with the help of prosecution and judiciary trial in such cases would be concluded at earliest without any delay. All district police heads/SP investigation should ensure coordination with the public prosecutor and honorable District & Session Judge and cases of sexual crimes against children must be a compulsory agenda of monthly crime meeting.

SP Investigation will be the focal person in all such cases and will supervise investigation from start to end. Legal and moral support will be provided to the children victims of sexual exploitation and their families in case a child’s family is not found the Child Protection Bureau would be engaged.

Record of all criminal involved in pedophile either on bail or have previously completed their punishment time or have settled the matter with victims family out of court will be maintained at the relevant police station and district headquarter police. Effective monitoring of such criminals under police rules 1934 will also be ensured. If any criminal involved in child exploitation case changes his residence his record will be shared with the new police station. In character certificate of such criminals, cases and punishment of child exploitation must also be mentioned.

Also, a campaign at electronic, print and social media would be started specially focusing the parents to give them awareness to deal with such a situation. Patrolling officers should ensure the monitoring of railway station, Bus stands, shrines, and public parks. During monthly crime meeting, DPOs should especially emphasize the development of investigations in such cases while in case of any slackness in investigation relevant investigation officer must be held accountable. CCPO Lahore all RPOs, CPOs, and DPOs should implement these orders under their own supervision.

(Handout No. 357)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police  


Press Release Date: 
Friday, September 27, 2019