Smart surveillance system introduced in Sialkot

Sep 05, 2019

LAHORE: Inspector General of Police (IGP) retired Captain Arif Nawaz Khan Wednesday inaugurated a Smart Surveillance and Control System in Sialkot.

The IGP also addressed the police darbar where he said that some individual incidents of police negligence were spoiling efforts of the entire force which has sacrificed lives of 1,500 personnel in the line of duty.

He said the Punjab police’s policy was visible in context of custodian deaths and torture on accused in illegal detention besides setting up of private cells in the name of interrogation.

“I’m again making it clear that there is no space for the officials trespassing their authority and taking law in their hands because due to actions of such few black sheep entire police force is embarrassed”

“This is very painful to me that fingers are being raised on the entire force due to negligence of some individuals in the police ignoring the fact that it has sacrificed about 1,500 lives serving the public,” said the IGP.

He said that without effectively using modern technology it was not possible to uphold the rule of law in society.

Consequently, smart surveillance systems were being started in big cities on the pattern of the Lahore’s safe city project.

He said this system will monitor sensitive installations and important roads and would be helpful in Muharram processions, Majalis and other protests.

In addition, it will also help control crime and monitor the activities of habitual criminals and their facilitators.

Mr Arif said that in the system special attention would also be given to the traffic management besides improving the performance of patrolling forces due to the timely information sharing.

“My aim is to promote smart and community policing by eliminating traditional police culture and we have to work as public friendly as a transformed police force,” the IGP said, adding that the modern technologies in the police would help protect public lives, properties besides presenting true image of community policing.

He said the Punjab chief minister enhanced salary of the police by unfreezing the allowances.

He said the latest command and control centre was established with the collaboration of district government at a cost Rs4.9 million.

From the center, 36 important points of the city will be monitored by 60 cameras which will be helpful in controlling the crime.

During his visit to Sialkot, the IGP also inaugurated newly revamped building of Khidmat Markaz and directed the DPO Sialkot to visit the Markaz every month to inspect and supervise the entire process to make sure timely help to the citizens visiting there.

Acid Attack: A woman suffered burn injuries on her face in an acid attack allegedly over a family dispute in Sabzazar on Tuesday.

A police official claimed that the suspect, Zeeshan, who was said to be a relative of Tania, visited her at her residence, had an argument with her and threw acid on her. The attacker then fled from the scene, he added. Tania was shifted to a local hospital.

After an inquiry, police registered a case against the suspect with no arrest so far.

(Daily Dawn)