IG Punjab issued directions regarding security duties of Muharram ul Haram.

IG Punjab captain retired Arif Nawaz Khan issued directions regarding security duties of muharram ul haram.

Four layered security should be provided to sensitive majalis and processions in all districts across the province.

More than one and half lakh officers and officials and volunteers will perform security duties during the decade of muharram ul haram.

Screening and scanning of routes should be ensured before the start of processions of muharram ul haram. IG Punjab.

Inspector General Police Punjab Captain (retd) Arif Nawaz Khan directed all RPO,s and DPO,s to use technology and personally review the security arrangements for Muharam Ul Haram processions and Majalis in their respective ranges and districts and should also brief the officials deputed on the security duty about the sensitivity of the duty so that they can perform their duties well. He further directed to provide 4 layer security to the sensitive Majalis and processions while using walk through gates, metal detectors, CCTV monitoring and video recording for the security of mourners. While issuing directions to the officers he said that timing of the Majalis and processions must be strictly observed and search sweep and combing operations should be continued in the vicinity of sensitive Imambargahs, processions and majalis while snipers on the rooftops of the route of procession must be installed along with commandos in civvies in the processions. He stressed that no mourner should face any problem due to security arrangements. He issued these directions in a letter issued to the CCPO Lahore and all RPO,s CPO,s and DPO,s of the province. 

As per directions of Inspector General of Police Punjab, strength of force has been enhanced in the wake security arrangements of imam bargahs, processions, majalis and other sensitive worship places of other sects has also been increased and for the security of 36138 Majalis and 9118 processions during Muharam Ul Haram along with police officers and officials, national volunteers and volunteers of imambargahs and Majalis administration total more than one Lac and 50 thousands personnels will do security duty. 

IG Punjab directed CCPO Lahore, all RPO,s and DPO,s to pay special heed that till the last mourner leave the Majlis or procession no officials should leave its duty point and provision of timely meals should be ensured for the officials on their duty point. He directed senior officers to ensure scanning and screening of procession routes before their start and also fruit vendors etc must also be thoroughly checked and none should be allowed to enter in Majalis or processions without checking through walk-through gates and metal detectors.   IG Punjab directed RPO,s and DPO,s to implement the ban on wall chalking and loudspeaker act strictly and members of proscribed organizations and fourth schedule must be strictly monitored. He further said that police officers should keep a close coordination with administration of Imambargahs and local peace committees and should also engage members of peace committees for the security of Majalis and processions to ensure foolproof security. IG Punjab also directed to ensure effective implementation of the traffic plan considering the timings of Majalis and processions during Muharam Ul Haram so that smooth flow of traffic could continue especially Ashora Day and other major processions. Moreover, he said that the process of checking of passengers and vehicles on interprovincial and intr districts should be made more effective.

(Handout No. 320)
Nayab Haider

Director Public Relations
Punjab Police


Press Release Date: 
Sunday, September 1, 2019