Red Crescent to train Dolphin Squad, PRU

Jul 12, 2019



Officials from the Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit (PRU) will be provided first aid training. A first aid kit will also become a part of their official uniform.


Further, psychological assistance is being sought for the Dolphin Squad so that members can be taught how to control their stress and anger. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Dolphin Squad SP Bilal Zafar said that every time citizens report a traffic accident on the 15 helpline, Dolphin officials or the PRU are the first ones to reach the scene of the crime.

Sometimes they call rescue ambulances themselves and have the injured taken to a hospital, he added.

Zafar maintained that so far this year, at least 14,099 calls relating to traffic accidents were received on the police helpline. Out of these, 2,244 were received in January, 1,920 in February, 2,487 in March, 2,587 in April, 2,578 in May and 2,285 in June.

“Most of the time PRU and Dolphin Squad officials were the first to reach the spot. Therefore, it has been decided to provide these officials with first aid training so that they can provide medical assistance to the injured,” he said.

He revealed that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed with the Red Crescent in this regard. Under the MoU, Red Crescent will provide training to all Dolphin Squad and PRU personnel as well as providing them with portable first aid kits which can be clipped onto their belts.

Highlighting the need for immediate medical assistance in traffic accidents, Dr Sabir Malik said that if timely medical aid is provided to the injured in 99% of all traffic accidents, their lives can be saved.

He explained that if blood loss from a wound can be temporarily stopped, the victim’s chances of survival upon reaching the hospital are greater. “In the same manner, timely treatment can prevent a future disability if a bone injury on the arm and the leg is treated immediately,” he said.

Dolphin Squad SP Bilal Zafar acknowledged there have been complaints about the brash behaviour and hot temper of the Dolphin Squad. Keeping these complaints in mind, it has been decided to provide officials with psychological counselling to teach them healthy ways to relieve mental stress, he said.

In this regard, assistance is being sought from the Department of Psychology at Punjab University. Officials, against whom complaints have been registered, will receive professional counselling, he said.