Police arrest 24,929 criminals in six months

Jul 07, 2019

LAHORE: The Lahore police Operations Wing issued its six-month performance report on Saturday. According to the report, officials arrested as many as 24,929 criminals involved in different crimes.

They also apprehended 1,038 members of 432 dacoit gangs and seized looted items worth Rs90.4 million. Another 1,348 cases were also traced during investigation from these 1,038 criminals.

During a grand operation against illegal weapons, officials arrested 2,710 criminals and 2,701 cases were registered against them in different police stations across the city.
Police also seized 35 Kalashnikovs, 180 rifles, 70 guns, 2,229 pistols, one carbine, 29 daggers and thousands of rounds of bullets.

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During action against drug peddlers, Lahore police arrested as many as 3,160 criminals and seized more than 40 kilogrammes of heroin, 1,336 kilogrammes of hashish, 4.2 kilogrammes of ice, 89 kilogrammes of opium and 37,183 bottles of liquor.

Police arrested 2,914 criminals involved in gambling and registered 520 cases. During a campaign against brothels, officials arrested 653 criminals and 170 cases were registered against them. Moreover, 132 category A offenders, 3,313 category B offenders and 2,599 court offenders were arrested during this six month period.

Meanwhile, Lahore police arrested 740 criminals for one wheeling, 3,513 for flying kites, 263 for aerial firing, 721 for begging, 2,547 for profiteering, 17 for violating the Foreigners Act and 565 for violating the Loudspeaker Act.

Lahore General Operations Deputy Inspector Ashfaq Khan pledged that Lahore police will increase crackdowns against criminals to make the provincial capital safe and crime-free. “The police have introduced effective mechanism, modern technology and reforms to curb criminal activity in the country,” he said.

The institutional structure of the different units of Lahore police is being strengthened, along with the force’s capacity building, to improve the department’s overall performance, he maintained. He added that particular attention is being paid to improve the performance of the Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit to make them more effective in controlling street crime and to promote community policing.