Murder case absconder held after 17 years

Jul 03, 2019

SAHIWAL: Kasowal police of Chichawatni tehsil along with Racecourse police of Lahore jointly managed to arrest a murder case absconder from village 4/14-L, Kasowal after 17 years.

The joint police team also faced armed resistance from the relatives and family members of Shahbaz Dogar, who attempted to rescue him from custody. During an exchange of fire between police and the relatives, one of the relatives was critically injured.

On Monday evening, Kasowal police registered a first information report (FIR) against eight people under sections 353, 324, 186, 276, 148 and 149 of PPC on the complaint of Racecourse Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Munir Ahmed for intervention in official work.

Shahbaz Dogar was an absconder, who was wanted in a murder case dating Oct 12, 2002 registered at Racecourse police station in Lahore.

ASI Ahmed told Dawn that a few days ago an informer told them that Dogar was back in his ancestral village. Racecourse police in collaboration with Kasowal police formed a team that raided a village in the early hours of Monday.

Constable Muhammad Imran from the Lahore police team said that the moment police raided Dogar’s haveli someone warned him.

Dogar was sleeping near maize fields and as soon as he got alerted, police captured him. When the police team was leaving the village, around eight men started firing on their van in a bid to rescue Dogar.

The police team retaliated due to which one of the assailants was injured and the remaining managed to flee. Police arrested an injured Nisar Dogar and took him to THQ hospital.

Later in the evening, Kasowal police registered an FIR against Nisar, Ilyas, Sarwar and five unidentified men for interfering in official work.

Shahbaz Dogar was shifted to Lahore by Racecourse police.

(Daily Dawn)