IGP for CCTV cameras in lock-ups

Jun 20, 2019

LAHORE: Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) retired Capt Arif Nawaz Khan on Wednesday ordered installation of CCTV cameras in lock-ups of all 722 police stations of the province within the next 24 hours for checking the incidents of torture in custody.

He also directed to integrate the system with central police office’s control room for effective monitoring of these cameras, said a directive issued to RPOs, CPOs and DPOs on Wednesday.

He also directed that RPOs and DPOs should undertake the process of installation of CCTV cameras in all police stations of the districts and ranges under their supervision without any delay and all RPOs should ensure 24/7 monitoring of these cameras.

The IGP expressed displeasure at illegal detention of the citizens and abuse of power by police officials.

He directed field officers that they should ensure zero tolerance by taking steps against officials responsible for torture in police custody and also make them accountable.

He said such irresponsible officials would be punished under internal accountability system in order to make them an example for rest of the force.

Mr Khan also directed senior officials that they should speed up surprise visits to police stations and also monitor the dealing of police officials with the citizens who come to police stations for resolution of their grievances so that complaints about rude behaviour [of police] with them should be ended.

(Daily Dawn)