IG Punjab presided an important meeting at CPO regarding Dolphin Force

IG Punjab Captain (R) Arif Nawaz Khan presided an important meeting at CPO regarding Dolphin Force

Dolphin officials should do snap checking considering the sketches of criminals involved in dacoity and snatching.

Dolphin force vigilance teams should effectively monitor road patrolling teams.

During last few months in Lahore Dolphin Force arrested 109 gangs involved in street crimes. SP Dolphin briefing in meeting

Inspector General Police, Punjab Captain (R) Arif Nawaz Khan has directed Dolphin force to ensure effective implementation of SOP,s during patrolling and snap checking at roads. He also directed them to do snap checking according to the sketches of wanted criminals involved in dacoity, snatching to save citizens from any preventable botherance. He further directed Dolphin vigilance teams to effectively monitor patrol teams on roads and in case of any violation of SOP a strict action should be taken. All patrol teams in beats should stay in close coordination with monitoring officers in Safe City Authority to further improve the response time of Dolphin force in case of any crime accident or in any emergency. 

He further directed to deal citizens in a congenial demeanour during patrolling and checking and only selected team leaders of patrolling teams should talk with citizens and no family or citizen should be bothered at the name of checking. He also lauded SP Bilal Zafar on his briefing and said that refresher courses and SOP, s designed to improve the performance of Dolphin should also be implemented with zeal and hard work. He expressed these views while presiding a high level meeting at Central Police Office to discuss about the patrolling and performance of Dolphin Force.

During meeting SP Dolphin Bilal Zafar briefed IG Punjab that during last few months 109 gangs involved in street crimes arrested in provincial capital hence a significant drop is recorded in street crime rate. While briefing about the public dealing of Dolphin force SP Dolphin said that 24 vigilance teams has been formed for monitoring of patrolling teams. Public complaints against the Dolphin decreased by 49 % due to the strict implementation of directions for public dealing. IG Punjab lauded the performance of Dolphin Force and directed officers to speed the up the refresher and training courses for the capacity building of force and new skills to control crime should also be imparted to the officials so that they can perform their duties in best possible way. IG Punjab said that during patrolling while checking suspicious vehicles motorcycles and individuals SOP should be followed giving preference to public convenience. During meeting CCPO Lahore BA Nasir, Addl IG Operations Inam Ghani DIG Operations Capt (R) Atta Muhammad, DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Ahmad Khan and SP Bilal Zafar and other senior officer were present.

(Handout No. 209)
Nayab Haider
Director Public Relations
Punjab Police


Press Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 12, 2019