IGP Punjab Captain Retired Arif Nawaz Khan issued policy statement...

It is indeed a matter of unique and great honour for me to assume the command of Punjab Police, the largest police force for the second time for which I am grateful to Almighty Allah. I consider myself extremely lucky to lead the finest officers of the senior and junior ranks as well as civilian support staff who are professionals and have the courage to fight criminals with commitment. However, the challenges have grown and so have public expectations. We are therefore determined to work together and provide excellent service to the citizens of the Province of Punjab. I also want to pay rich tributes to the Shuhada of Punjab Police for their supreme sacrifices beyond the call of duty. Here, I also want to acknowledge the contributions of all former Inspector General in improving the organization and working of Punjab Police. All initiatives and contributions in this regard, especially the IT initiatives will be further improved.

These views were expressed by IG Punjab Captain (R) Arif Nawaz Khan in his policy statement after taking charge. He said that I am aware of the fact that Punjab Police has always tried to serve the citizens with professionalism and commitment. However we have to understand that public expectations from the department now present a tall order and we can improve our image only by performing people friendly policing, upholding rule of law, hard work, professionalism, and adherence to merit.

IG Punjab said that we have to focus on our capacity building by improving the standards of training and introducing new specialized schools. The common complaints of police attitude and non-registration of cases should end now. We also have to ensure evidence-based transparent investigations, with just and equal application of the law.

In his policy statement, IG Punjab further added that we must protect the rights of women, monitories, and the underprivileged of the society. In order to win public trust, we have to change our attitude and remain completely apolitical, courteous and impartial, while constantly improving the standards of service delivery.

Moreover, he said that I am a strict believer of pro-active policing and look forward to creating an atmosphere and feeling of complete safety in the whole province by ensuring responsive patrolling, effective crime control and arrest of proclaimed offenders while maintaining close liaison with other LEAs. He further said that we will launch a comprehensive community participatory initiative in Punjab Police to involve and seek community participation for maintaining law and order, controlling crime and combating terrorism. Alternate mechanisms to dispute resolution shall also be part of this new initiative. The service of Emergency-15 System and IGP Complaint Center 8787 will be further improved and modernized to fulfil the public expectations. The ambit of Police Khidmat Markaz, which was started in my previous tenure, will be extended to Tehsil level.

IGP said that improving the overall working conditions and environment, especially of Police Stations will be my area of special focus. Strict and across the board accountability, transparency in financial management and zero tolerance to corrupt practices and highhandedness within the organization will remain my priorities. At the same time, I am also aware that there exists a communication gap between the senior officers and junior ranks. All such internal department challenges shall be overcome through inclusive decision-making and honouring the dignity of every member of Punjab Police.

IG Punjab said that I will assure my Constabulary and officers that they will be never condemned unheard in my command, due process will be observed in all circumstances. We will reward and honour our best performers while regular and merit-based promotions and recruitment will be followed vigorously. The welfare of the force and that of the families of Shuhada will always remain the cornerstone of my administration and will be given supreme importance.

I am very hopeful that we will be able to win the trust of masses and change the image of Punjab Police by our improved service delivery, by respecting their dignity and honour, and by maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

(Handout No. 128)
Nabeela Ghazanfar
Director Public Relations                                 
Punjab Police


Press Release Date: 
Thursday, April 18, 2019