Police’s capacity building to be new IG’s ‘main concern’

Apr 19, 2019

LAHORE: In his policy statement issued here on Thursday, Punjab Inspector General of Police retired Capt Arif Nawaz said his main focus would be on capacity building by improving the standards of training and introducing new specialised schools. In a statement issued here on Thursday following a meeting held at his office, the IGP said the common complaints against police attitude and non-registration of cases would be addressed on priority.

“We also have to ensure evidence-based transparent investigations, with just and equal application of the law”, Mr Nawaz said. He said that he strictly believed in pro-active policing and wanted to create an atmosphere of safety by ensuring responsive patrolling, effective crime control and arrest of proclaimed offenders, while maintaining a close liaison with other law-enforcing agencies.

“We will launch a comprehensive initiative in Punjab police to involve community and seek its participation in maintaining law and order, controlling crime and combating terrorism”, he said. Alternate mechanisms for dispute resolution would also be part of this new initiative, the statement said. The service of Emergency-15 and IGP’s Complaint Centre 8787 would be further improved and modernised to fulfill the public expectations, it added. “The ambit of Police Khidmat Markaz, which was started in my previous tenure, will be extended to tehsil level”, the IGP said. He pledged improvement in working conditions and environment, especially of police stations.

He also promised strict and across the board accountability, transparency in financial management and zero-tolerance for corrupt practices and highhandedness within the organisation. “At the same time, I am also aware that there exists a communication gap between the senior officers and junior ranks”, Mr Nawaz said. All such internal department challenges shall be overcome through inclusive decision-making and honouring the dignity of every member of Punjab police. He said that he would assure his constabulary and officers that they would be never condemned unheard under his command and due process would be observed in all circumstances. “Here, I also want to acknowledge the contributions of all former IGPs in improving the organisation and working of Punjab police”, he said. All initiatives and contributions in this regard, especially the IT initiatives would be further improved, he added.

(Daily Dawn)