DPO submits report on setting woman ablaze

Apr 13, 2019

LAHORE: The DPO Sheikhupura has submitted report to IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi about the incident of the issue of setting a woman on fire by her in laws. The accused have been arrested.

The IG Punjab took notice of setting a woman on fire in a domestic dispute at Sheikhupura. Upon which DPO Sheikhupura Imran Kishwar submitted a detailed report of the incident. The report revealed that father of the victim, Ghazanfar Ali, informed police about the incident. Police took action and lodged an FIR besides taking the burnt woman to hospital. The plaintiff had told that this incident was the result of domestic dispute among husband, wife and her in laws. According to the FIR before the incident, clash happened between husband and wife upon which father of the woman reconciled between both but after some time they came to know about setting the woman ablaze. The plaintiff nominated Shameem bibi, Parveen bibi and Ameena bibi who are mother in law, sister and sister in law of the burned woman. Police have got statement of the victim in which it she told that she was clening her home and her mother in law poured kerosene oil on her and set her ablaze. Police have arrested the three accused namely Shamim bibi, Parveen bibi and Ameena Bibi.

arrangements: Security of the mosques and other religious places including Imam Bargahs remained tight on Jumma in provincial metropolis.

Lahore DIG Operations Muhammad Waqas Nazir has issued directions to all the divisional SPs, DSPs and SHOs to ensure foolproof security arrangements. The officers personally reviewed security arrangements at all the religious places. Police officials along with Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit remained alert at all the sensitive places. They checked all the vehicles and suspicious persons at entry and exit points of the city.

Norwegian police: Norwegian police completed International Court Management Trial with PSCA’s cooperation Prisoner & witnesses were presented online through PSCA’s Mobile Command Van and LTE Advance Network. It wasn’t possible to resolve the case in Norwegian Police has completed International Court Management Trial in collaboration with Punjab Safe Cities Authority.

The statement of district jail’s prisoner was recorded online in Norwegian court with the help of Modern Equipments of Punjab Safe Cities Authority. The murderer’s statement was demanded by Norwegian Court to complete the trial. The lawyers cross examined the prisoner and witnesses in front of judge of Norwegian court online. A spokesperson for PSCA said four-member team of Norway police recorded the statements of the prisoner and witnesses after permission of the home department. The PSCA had provided all the technical assistance to record the statement. The statement of the witness was recorded online from the authority’s headquarter while the accused was taken online from district jail.

(The News)