A successful operation was conducted against dacoits in Katcha area at Rajanpur

As per directions of IG Punjab Amjad Javed  Saleemi, a successful operation was conducted against dacoits in Katcha area at Rajanpur.

First time in the history of Punjab Police, wheat crop cultivated over  one thousand acres of land has been handed over to its real owners.

Katcha- like areas across province will be purged from dacoits, thieves and criminals and such monstrous elements of the society will be eliminated. For this purpose, crime fighter officers have been selected and also deputed over these areas so that they may offer their services for the protection of lives and properties of people without any fear. During operation in katcha area this year, around one thousand acre land bearing wheat crop has been dispossessed from the dacoits and handed over to its real owners.

These views were expressed by IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi during a telephonic call regarding operation in area of Katcha with RPO DG Khan Muhammad Umar Sheikh.

RPO DG Khan Muhammad Umar Sheikh told IG Punjab that due to crop of sugar cane from December to March every year and rise of water level in rivers in moth of May,the operation against dacoits was not possible. The farmers only earn huge profit from wheat crop and the dacoits demand extortion in the form of wheat in harvesting season and whoever would refuse to pay extortion, the dacoits would set on fire all crops of poor farmers causing a huge loss to them.

RPO further told that DPO Rajanpur led the operation against dacoits which was started since 7th April whereas DPO Rahim Yar Khan and ASP Sadiq Abad also contributed in this operation. Total 300 police officials from Rahim Yar Khan,Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajan Pur  participated in this operation. The successful strategy of police compelled the Lathani gang to flee from their hide outs whereas their six facilitators were arrested by the police .Moreover case no 68/19 dated 09-04-2019 has been registered under section 324,353,186,427,148 and 7ATA against eleven accused of Lathani gang,Sikhani gang and Lund gang  .

On this occasion, IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi directed RPO to conduct such operation against all gangs during wheat harvesting season every year because these gangs get illegal possession of wheat through blackmailing and threats which is result of hard work of poor farmers.

(Handout No. 121)
Nabeela Ghazanfar
Director Public Relations                                 
Punjab Police



Press Release Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019