158-year-old building of police station Anarkali has been restored to its original shape

The 158-year-old building of police station Anarkali has been restored to its original shape, IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi along with senior journalists, intellectuals and historians participated in the inaugural ceremony.

Police require own police station buildings, vehicles and other resources to perform its duties more efficiently. IG Punjab

Antique buildings of Punjab Police having historic and national value are being restored and precious records are being archived, IG Punjab added.

Antique buildings of Punjab Police are national heritage and have an important place with respect to the history of Punjab Police. It is evident from history that alive nations always protect their cultural and national heritage. The process of restoring antique buildings of police stations having historical worth is underway speedily in this regard. We are also trying to restore the historic buildings of Punjab police to their original forms and also convert rented buildings of police stations into personal buildings of Punjab police. A summary has been sent to Punjab Government for this purpose.

These views were expressed by Inspector General of Police Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi in the inaugural ceremony held for restoration and beautification of the old building of police station Old Anarkali. At this occasion CCPO Lahore, BA Nasir, Addl IG Operations Inam Ghani, Addl IG CTD Rai Tahir, Addl IG welfare and Finance Sardar Ali Khan, Addl IG/MD PSCA Aamir Malik, DIG IT Zulfiqar Hameed , DIG Operations Lahore, Waqas Nazir and other senior police officers, senior journalists, intellectuals and historians were also present on this occasion.
 On this occasion, IG Punjab further said that although according to international standards Punjab Police lacks necessary resources required for effective policing but we are delivering the best possible results despite the fact that many PS are working in rented buildings or in depleted buildings. Before declaring a new police station, its own building should be constructed police can only perform to meet expectations after provision of necessary facilities at Police Stations and Police Lines.PPO further said that vehicles of Punjab Police have long passed fitness period thus causing hindrance in patrolling and policing, so we have requested Punjab Government to provide required vehicles and we are hopeful that our demand will be met. Amjad Javed Saleemi further said that to reform Punjab Police many initiatives have been successfully implemented among these are complaint centre 8787 for quick redressal of public complaints, Police Khidmat Marakaz for improved service delivery, and to ensure public friendly dealing at police stations all SHO, s are directed to meet complainants at respective PS during fixed hours and their performance is also being monitored through CCTV Cameras. By employing the latest technology all departments of Punjab police are being digitized and now also taking steps for the paperless working environment. IG Punjab further said that internal accountability is being effectively implemented ensuring that all incompetent, careless and corrupt elements are thrown out of the department in this regard as many as 36 DSP,s has been suspended, and in future accountability process will cover all ranks of police service.

IGP further told that the process of restoration of national and antique heritage is underway with the cooperation of Punjab government and special attention is being given to beautification and restoration of antique buildings so that the historic worth of all these police stations may be restored besides providing the officials of these police stations with facilities of contemporary age whereas these police stations are being constructed as state of the art. Likewise, saplings are being planted for making police stations more beautiful and environmental friendly for the public. He told that no additional funds have been sought from the government for restoration of the building of this police station.

It is worth mentioning that Old Anarkali police station is an old and historic police station of Lahore which was established 86 years before the inception of Pakistan in 1861. Now, after 158 years this antique police station has a value of historical heritage. Chapters of the history of Police are linked with this police station which has important cases whereas Raymond Davis was also taken to this police station.

Police station Old Anarkali has historical records regarding historic FIRs, 150-year-old names and designations of officials along with other records and documents which reveal that Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs officers and officials have been appointed in different times in this police station. The record of this police station also contains the remarks of British officers in visiting book during their visit which enhances its historical value in this regard.

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Nabeela Ghazanfar
Director Public Relations                                 
Punjab Police



Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2019