Providing timely justice can help curb crime, says Bhakkar DPO

Mar 25, 2019

BHAKKAR: Bhakkar district, that has been a hub of criminal activities, including murders, mugging and robberies, has witnessed a decline in the crime rate during the past few months after its first female District Police Officer (DPO) Shaista Nadeem took over charge.

The DPO, who assumed responsibility on December 17, 2018, has served on important positions in Lahore and Gujranwala districts and has proven her mettle by bringing reforms in the police department.

She believes that providing timely justice to the victims can bring about a change in the society and help control criminal activities.

While speaking to Express News, she revealed the police department’s performance during the past three months while also highlighting the measures taken for controlling and curbing crime.

The DPO said that when she was assigned the role to act as the head of the district’s police department, the law and order situation was not satisfactory. Nadeem stated that she instructed police officials to launch a crackdown and arrest criminals without discrimination, regardless of political influence.

She maintained that during different operations, at least 254 wanted perpetrators, including 15 culprits category A offenders, were arrested while 58 absconders were also apprehended.

“In a bid to maintain peace in the region, I asked police officials to take action against drug sellers, gamblers, illegal weapon holders, robbers etc without discrimination,” she said.

The police officer maintained that during 18 targeted raids at different gambling dens, police managed to arrest 99 gamblers and confiscated millions of rupees from their possession.

Similarly, she revealed that 128 cases were registered against drug sellers while 20 kilogrammes of hashish, 1,389 litres of alcohol and other narcotics were also seized during this period.

“Police launched a special operation against illegal weapon holders and registered 124 cases. Besides, 65 pistols, 32 guns, 10 rifles, six revolvers and nine Kalashnikovs have been confiscated,” she added.

She disclosed that under the National Action Plan, at least 134 cases were lodged against the outlaws. She said, “62 open courts have been organised for addressing the citizens’ complaints and have succeeded in providing them timely justice.”

Commenting on the performance of the traffic police, Nadeem stated that a comprehensive plan has been put in place to stop traffic violations across the district.

She maintained that those violating traffic laws were punished and fined. “The traffic police issued challans to 10,971 people and imposed fines worth millions during the three-month period,” she stated.

In addition, she said that 1,495 new driving licenses were issued to citizens after they cleared written and driving tests.

The DPO said that seminars play an important in creating awareness among the people and for this purpose, she organised various events to sensitise people regarding traffic laws, the disadvantages of drugs, physical violence and other issues.

She remarked, “The police department is committed towards maintaining peace in the district and we will protect the lives and the property of citizens at all costs.”