PHP, Dolphin police arrest ‘criminals’, recover weapons

Mar 25, 2019

LAHORE: Punjab Highways Patrol (PHP) Sunday claimed to have arrested 284 culprits including 70 proclaimed offenders (POs) and recovered 1,652-litre liquor, 24-kg charas, 14.7-kg hashish, eight Kalashnikovs, nine rifles, 6 guns, 43-pistols and 325 bullets during routing patrolling in the last week. Patrolling police foiled dacoities in different places, arrested seven culprits and recovered three rifles, three pistols and 32 bullets from them. Also, Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit (PRU) of Lahore Police launched crackdown on criminals and recovered 27 pistols, two rifles, three pump action, 11 magazine and bullets. Dolphins Squad and PRU also recovered narcotics including Charas and 33 bottles of liquor from the accused criminals. While promoting community policing, both Dolphin and PRUs helped over 1,482 people on different roads of the city. Dolphin and PRU during vigorous and effective patrolling in the city, checked 825 vehicles, more than 125,000 motor-bikes and more than 88 thousands and five hundred persons.

(The News)