An important meeting held under the chair of IGP Punjab at CPO Lahore

An important meeting held under the chair of IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi at Central Police Office Lahore to evaluate training syllabus of 4 training schools according to new training courses, revised syllabus, Laws, modules and code of conduct for trainer of trainees.

New syllabus contains courses about moral and ethical values, domestic violence, child abuse, women harassment and trending crimes and their elimination, Addl: IGP Tariq Masood Yasin briefed in details.

Modern courses and curriculum training indeed enhance the capacity of Punjab police. This is the only way to make police public friendly in its true sense and this is the only reason we are focused to train the trainees in police training schools for achieving the said goal and adapt new syllabus according to contemporary age so that public may be benefited from Police.

These views were expressed by IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi during an important session regarding all developments in this connection done by Additional IG Training Tariq Masood Yaseen at central police office Lahore today. In this session four professors namely, Major R. Umar Ghazali, Dr. Farooq Shoaib, Professor Rufruf,  AIG training Zahid Nawaz Marvat, Principle PTS Sargodha Muhammad Asim Jasra, Principle PTS Rawalpindi Abrar Ahmed Nekokara, Principle PTS Farooq Abad Ahmed Nawaz Cheema along with psychologist, TOT and other police officers were present.

On this occasion IG Punjab said that we did not consider local circumstances and requirements during training so training does not meet modern challenges and needs of the society, eventually this did not benefit force and the society. We should design our training modules to comprehend the crime world and criminals. We will have think that what kind of benefit may be acquired by the society during the training of firing,  back attack, jumping and other activities and especially why, when to whom an official has to open fire, such type of modules should be the part of police courses so that well trained official while in practical duty may easily identify the difference between a common citizen and a criminal. By the help of this training police official will know how to treat a law abiding citizen and a criminal.

On this occasion, Additional IG Training Tariq Masood Yasin told IG Punjab Amjad Javed Saleemi that new courses also include moral and ethical courses along with courses regarding domestic violence, child abuse, women harassment and other new forms of crimes emerging with new criminal world and semester system for exams of new courses have been introduced so that modern method of exam should be adopted replacing the old traditional examination system.

On this occasion IGP Punjab awarded honorary shields to professors, Dr. Farooq Shoaib, Major R. Umar Ghazali and Professor Rufruf who helped in the preparation of police training courses.

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Nabeela Ghazanfar
Director Public Relations                                 
Punjab Police


Press Release Date: 
Thursday, February 21, 2019