Security for PSL matches

Feb 21, 2019

LAHORE: With a view to making the forthcoming PSL-4 in Lahore more secured for the cricket lovers, all the human resource and logistics support required by Lahore police has been rendered at the disposal of the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) and City Traffic Officer (CTO), Lahore, by Inspector General of Police, Punjab, Amjad Javed Saleemi.

The services of 2,500 police officials from 13 districts have been attached with Lahore police. In addition, 125 teams of Elite Police Force will perform duty during the event. During the event, to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and to facilitate the citizens to continue their day-to-day affairs without any traffic disturbance, the services of five SPs of various districts have been attached with the CTO.

Ten officers of DSP rank will be responsible for managing the parking points and the routes of cavalcades. Likewise, 30 senior traffic wardens and 400 other traffic officials/wardens will also remain at the disposal of Lahore CTO Capt. (R) Liaqat during the PSL matches.

arrested: Civil Lines division police, in a crackdown, claimed to have arrested 171 criminals and seized arms and drugs. The police seized 10 pistols, one dagger, mobile phones, more than two kg Charas and 68 litre liquor.

They busted a criminal gang by arresting its three members and recovered more than Rs100, 000 and valuables from them. Nine proclaimed offenders of A&B categories in cases of cheque bounce, theft and other crimes, and 33 court absconders were arrested.

The police seized Rs 226,000 from accused gamblers. Civil Lines division police also arrested 37 persons for violating the laws regarding kite flying, wheelie, firing into the air, price control and loudspeaker use.

(The News)