PSCA to launch complaint management system

LAHORE: The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has introduced a dedicated centralised complaint management and response system within its operations for all emergency or intervention seeking calls received on Police & Universal Helpline 15 across Punjab.

PUCAR-15 will be operational by March 15 tentatively under the aegis of PSCA and in direct monitoring of the IG, said a PSCA spokesperson.

The system formally known as Police Unified Communication and Response (PUCAR-15) will be the first of its kind innovation in both Pakistan and South East Asia in terms of its scope and functions, said the spokesperson. The system will make possible recording and progress monitoring of all complaint calls received on 15 from all member cities and districts across the province through PSCA's centralised interface offering strategic information cascading and access to SPs, CPOs, DPOs, RPOs and IGP following a complaint escalation matrix, he explained.

At optimum threshold, this system will revolutionise the police communication and response mechanism overall by significantly reducing the turnaround time required in complaint resolution, he added.

seminar: Rapid reforms on economic and fiscal front are of great significance for the policymakers, the practitioners and the public at large. The government is focusing on expanding the tax net under the tax laws to meet its obligations with the donor agencies, said a guest speaker at a seminar.

Punjab University Hailey College of Banking & Finance organised a seminar on income tax returns and wealth statement under the income tax law to equip the students with firsthand information on recent economic, monetary and fiscal reforms in the country.

The seminar was conducted by Nadeem Butt, an eminent member of Lahore Tax Bar Association and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. The students were briefed on the mechanism for becoming a filer and the benefits accruing to the filers as well as the consequences for being non-filer. The guest speaker conducted the session in an informative manner addressing the questions of the students. A comparative study of the tax regimes was also presented for making the participants well-acquainted with the hierarchy in tax management.

HCBF Principal Prof Dr Mubbsher highlighted the importance of tax structure in financing the recurring and developmental needs of the country. He stressed the need to conduct road shows for creating awareness in the general public and removing their apprehensions about tax structure, filing of returns and tax brackets. He emphasised that concentrated efforts be made to promote voluntary filing of returns to strengthen the relationship of fiscal authorities with the stakeholders.

contests: The first inter-Medical College Qirat and Naat Competition was held by University of Health Sciences (UHS) at the auditorium of Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC) here on Thursday.

A total of 40 students from 14 medical colleges of Lahore division participated in the contests. The event was organised by UHS Qirat and Naat Society Patron Prof Dr Amtullah Zareen and coordinated by Dr Sara Saeed.

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Press Release Date: 
Friday, February 15, 2019