The matter of torture on a boy by some persons in Thekriwala, Faisalabad,

The matter of torture on a boy by some persons in Thekriwala, Faisalabad,

all 5 nominated arrested   

IG Punjab Amjad javed Saleemi took notice of the incident; CPO Faisalabad submitted the report regarding the incident.

Inspector General Police Punjab, Amajd Javed Saleemi after taking notice of incident of torturing a boy by some local people, directed CPO Faisalabad to investigate the matter and submit the report. Upon acting on the directions, CPO Faisalabad Ashfaq Ahmad Khan has submitted the initial report.

According to the report, the recent incident was result of an old rivalry between both parties. Few days ago Waseem submitted an application against the culprit Akram AKA Toni and alleged that he snatched his mobile but before any further legal proceeding, both parties resolved the matter with mutual understanding and hence no further action was taken.  Accused Akram AKA Toni was not happy so to teach a lesson he again attacked the shop of Waseem with his friends and tortured him publicly; video of this incident also went viral.

Local Police promptly responded to the situation and an FIR No 84/19 under 342, 148/149 was registered, and all 5 nominated accused, Akram AKA Toni, Abdulghaffar, Abbas, Anees, and akram AKA BIlla Gujjar, has been arrested. SP Iqbal Town Division is directed to personally monitor the case.

(Handout No.32)
Nabeela Ghazanfar
Director Public Relations                                 
Punjab Police



Press Release Date: 
Sunday, February 3, 2019