Bahawalpur police nab 11,253 suspects in 2018

Jan 13, 2019

 BAHAWALPUR:During 2018, at least 7,796 cases were registered against criminals in Bahawalpur division. Out of 12,676 outlaws involved in criminal activities, police arrested 11,253 suspects during different operations, The Express Tribune learnt.

Statistics issued by the police department revealed that 529 cases were dismissed as they turned out to be false. Similarly, 69 cases involving murders were reported and 125 criminals were apprehended. Further, police dismissed eight cases while nine criminals were arrested in five cases of blind murder, while 182 criminals were rounded up in 80 cases of attempted murder.
At least 318 robberies were registered during the previous year while 882 criminals were arrested. Out of the total number of cases, eight were dismissed. In 289 cases of kidnappings, 496 criminals were apprehended while 186 cases were dismissed.

Meanwhile, 158 cases of sexual assault were registered while 28 cases were dismissed. Police arrested 195 criminals involved in such incidents. In addition, eight cases of gang rape were registered in which 31 suspects were apprehended.

In a crackdown against illegal weapons, Bahawalpur police registered 575 cases and nabbed more than 500 culprits. Police also seized 11 Kalashnikovs, 19 rifles, 63 shotguns, 28 revolvers, 433 pistols and 21 carbines.

During 2018, police also launched a crackdown against drug dealers and registered 984 cases. At least, 1,059 drug peddlers were rounded up while six kilogrammes of opium, 332 kg hashish, two kilogrammes of heroine and 31,435 bottles of liquor were confiscated. Police also seized 193 liquor brewing furnaces.

While taking action against professional criminals, Bahawalpur police eliminated 50 gangs involved in armed robberies, street crime and other criminal activities. Police arrested 169 members belonging to different gangs and traced 206 old and 176 new cases. Police also confiscated valuables, jewellery, vehicles and other valuables worth millions of rupees found in the possession of the culprits.

In a crackdown against wanted criminals, the district police arrested 1,780 accused, including 279 category A offenders and 1,501 category B offenders.